Friday, October 20, 2006

Night snack at TCC

And that's the Beef Mozza Tofu which is really pretty tasty. What it was, is essentially a plate of tofu topped with minced beef in Teriyaki sauce and baked with cheese. I'm not normally a fan of Teriyaki sauce but this is one of the exceptions that made me rethink them. Each bite of this is filled with chewy cheese and beefy goodness coupled with the soft tofu. And with that, is infused the fragrance of the sprinkled black and white sesame seeds. Being half filled with tofu also means that the whole thing isn't as heavy as it may look.

Nourishing Banana Blend & Raisin Milk Shake

The banana blend is just banana blended in soy milk. The flavor is actually a little bland and nothing really much beyond the taste of banana which is frankly, not much. It also probably means that it's not a unhealthy drink. Lol. The raisin milkshake is simply raisins blended in milkshake. Surprisingly, the simple concoction is pretty good. I'll remember to get it again the next time I'm back here.

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