Saturday, November 11, 2006

Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie, Robertson Walk

Canelé, located in the interior perimeter of Fraser Place @ Robertson Walk along Unity Street, is an establishment of the Les Amis group. This is one of those place that you came for cakes, confectioneries, chocolates, pastries and other sweets wrapped in dainty pretty boxes. Also a place to have quiet tea over conversation. Dropped by for dessert here with Junie after Banoo. We were actually deciding between Chocolate Factory further down or this place. Funny thing I thought was, there is a saying goes something along the lines of 'nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd'. I actually decided against Chocolate Factory over Canelé because this place was less crowded. I don't enjoy waiting and queues. Certainly didn't like crowds.


Junie got the L'amour, which is rose petal ice cream with lychee, raspberries, a rose macaron and some really sweet rose meringue (the pink twigs). This dessert kinda epitomizes rose with its flavor, colors and sweetness. It's actually not bad. Apart from the meringue, the rest of the items in there were actually subtly fragrant and not overwhelmingly sweet. The citrus in the lychee and raspberries were a very nice balance to the rest of the dessert.

Earl Grey

That's the Earl Grey embedded with milk chocolate shards and topped with raspberries and raspberry jelly. There Earl Grey in the ice cream was easily overpowered by the raspberry jelly. I had to remove the milk chocolate pieces with my fingers to really scoop comfortably and well, they melted pretty fast. Presentation was obviously style over substance because it's really troublesome to eat something that looks like this. Chocolate should really be like M&Ms. My fingers aren't the best place for them to melt, break apart or stain the rest of my hands with melted chocolate mess. I'm not so much of a milk chocolate person, so I didn't really think much of them. Dark would have worked a lot better for me.

I did spy a quiche on the top of the cake shelf which really got me curious. But, it was quickly out of sight and out of mind.

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