Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Roti by any other name...

Would it still be Roti? Probably so. So actually, this is about a differently made Roti John found at 105 Chong Pang Food Centre at Alsafaz Makan Stall. The highlight of this particular Roti John is the fact that they do not use ground mutton as per usual, but mutton chunks like those of mutton chop from Indian food stalls.

The mutton chunks are drenched in a sweet brown sauce filled with onions. Also unlike the regular joe johns, the egg is not soaked into the bread and fried. The bread tasted like it was barely toasted, probably just heated for a very little while.

All in all, it's an interesting difference which I felt would have made a whole lot better if the bread was actually french toasted. Having pressed the bread into beaten eggs and butter to soak and then to pan fry, would have resulted in a much flatter and tastier bread to fill the meat. The roti would then have scored better in my opinion instead of having to mow my way through thick dry and tasteless flour.

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