Sunday, November 19, 2006

Turkey Cranberry sandwich @ PS Cafe

I must say, I'm quite surprised (pleasantly) by the sandwich from PS Cafe turning out better than I had imagined it. I see some effort here in attempt to substantiate the $18 price tag for it. It's still a tad pricey for a sandwich in my opinion, however it was also good. Good enough that I'll probably want to get it again the next time I drop by.

The deal between the slices of toasted bread are smoked turkey topped with grilled cheese, bacon, and some cranberry jam with mayo. The mayo used was of a small quantity since it didn't take off the flavour of the cranberry by being abundant and overbearing in taste in the sandwich. Grilled cheese was definitely a nice touch being slightly charred. Nicely along the sides are a small salad of boiled asparagus (and some other greens) drizzled over with cranberry pumpkin seed pesto and crushed mix of almond and sunflower seeds. Would've been perfect if the tomatos were of the sundried variety.

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