Thursday, February 15, 2007

Creation Cafe, Shaw Leisure Gallery

I've been recommended this place which I've walked past numerous times by a colleague. The bustling lunch crowd here looked indeed promising as there hasn't been a time that I recall seeing empty seats. The food here is.....well, edible stuff. Which means that while I'm not doing major griping over that they serve, I'm not likely to come back to this place again. Feel free to disagree with me. Creation Cafe does set lunches at from $10.90 which includes soup (soup of the day), pasta and a drink. A top up of $4 gets you your dessert of choice from their menu. The choices of pasta are limited to fuscilli, linguine, spaghetti and mushroom ravioli.

Today's soup of the day was a carrot cream soup that had a cheesy taste to it. Immediately the cheese scored with me and honestly, I liked it. I'm was actually surprised that it wasn't another cream of mushroom number which seems so rampant. The side of fried calamari (an extra order for sharing outside of the set lunch) was mundane. It's not the worst of fried calamari I've eaten, but I didn't really think too much of it. Maybe I'm not so much into deep fried things. Just can't shake off the oily feel after too much of them.

The linguine vongole aglio looked a lot better in the picture than real life. It tasted a tad "stir fried oily" with little garlic flavor. Which triggers memories of a couple of places that did pasta that way which I've sworn off. Lol. I'm really dissatisfied with the clams. Tiny shriveled looking pieces of meat that when put together doesn't make a half mouthful. And the mushroom succeeded in making the pasta look more clam filled than it really is.


Anonymous said...

This place serve the best "non-Italian" pasta in Singapore imo. I seriously start to doubt your tastebuds after reading this post.

Maybe you shouldn't set the bar against the food here with your previous authentic Italian experience.

It is like comparing your experience eating chicken rice in Australia and Singapore.

LiquidShaDow said...

Well, you can doubt my tastebuds for all you want. Would I even bother for someone who doesn't even have the balls to leave a name?

You probably havent eaten much non-italian pasta. I'm positive of it.