Thursday, February 01, 2007

Shiraishi, Ritz Carlton Millenia (lunch)

Lunch with sinquanon88. For how much Shiraishi charges, I had expected to leave lunch feeling much more satisfied than I actually did. I'm not sure if this is a bad day for the restaurant, but expensive places cannot afford bad days because they not charge customers with bad day rates. No one comes in paying for your bad day service. And if that wasn't a bad day service and food which I've had, I ought to be getting my friends avoid it like a plague. Ambience was something this tiny restaurant at Ritz Carlton doesn't have and if the food and service doesn't cut it, I don't know what had people been paying for.

The lunch menu here costs from $30 to $85. I ended up with a Hisago bento ($50) because of a mistake by the waitress and impressions kind of went downhill from there. Getting a wrong order on a manageable lunch crowd in a small restaurant is pretty bad, especially if you still try to convince that customer that you had gotten it it right and that customer which was I, was sure as hell that I had asked for something else. I let the mistake slide because I had been waiting for some time and being hungry, the thought of waiting through another change made didn't really appeal to me.

I was charged $5 for their otoshi (pickled vegetables). That looks to me to be hefty for a tiny amount of vegetables which I could fit in my mouth at a go. Lol. The Hisago bento came with rice that was laid with tempura bits of prawn and sweet potato, a serving of sashimi, miso cod, soup (a choice of clear or miso) and a side of a little salad, some fried tofu stuff and a fish liver. It ends with a dessert of fruits (sliced watermelon and mango). Being here for the first time, I couldn't resist doing an uni test.

rice with tempura prawn bits and sweet potato

mixed sashimi

miso cod

uni gunkans ($30)

The impression of Shiraishi for lunch leans towards being very pricey and while having pretty decent food was not worth the prices I had to pay for. To credit where it is due, the sashimi was of fresh tasting and the uni was definitely better than some other place which I've paid more for. Still I left lunch slightly disappointed with the entire experience. For how much I'm paying I would very much rather re-visit Aoki which was really a much better deal in my opinion.


ice said...

5 bucks just for otoshi?? i remember it being only $3? hmm..maybe that memory was alot of years ago?!

and this post is close to a year ago! LOL it may be more now.

Anonymous said...

I've been there before and the service and food are absolutely fabulous! Maybe they just don't like your face. *shrugs*