Monday, March 26, 2007

A random ayam penyet from Chong Pang

This chicken doesn't look quite smashed to me, but it probably has been. I was actually thinking of splintered bones beneath the flesh, but apparently, all the smashing did was to break the meat (tenderised?!) and made them easily removable from the bones.

In all, apart from being "smashed" before served, this is pretty much tastes like the regular fried chicken from most Muslim chicken rice stores. The only difference was the chilli sauce which does spruce flavors by quite a bit. The chilli was really not bad. This store at Swee Sian Yuen Eating House located at Chong Pang central states to be a branch of the original that hails from Changi Village where the ayam penet rose to fame as a dish. I wonder how it stacks here versus the original. For Malay fried chicken rice, this is decent stuff. Otherwise, it just reeks of g-i-m-m-i-c-k.


Sashi said...

Hey dude you may wanna try the ayam penyet at lucky plaza..think it's at level 4 if i'm not wrong. Not very hard to spot cause of the crowd there.

The dish is served with tempir (not sure about the spelling but it's deep fried peas), beancurd and occasionally some kangkong. But the kick in this ayam penyet dish is the belachan chilli...packs quite a punch and its goes really well with the chicken and side orders of keropok.

And while you're at it try some "happy soda" (I know, the name sounds really dumb) to go along with it.

LiquidShaDow said...

I've heard about that before actually, but a friend of mind told me about the one at Chong Pang and brought me there. I wouldn't mind trying the one at Lucky Plaza.