Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bab Noodle, Millenia Walk

I was not really sure how to tag Bab Noodles. It does pseudo Japanese & Korean food and also local flavours (like sambal kang kong?!) and fusions. For what their name's worth, it's odd that half the available offerings comes defaulted with rice and for a change of that rice to noodles, would require one to top up $2 more.

Nothing in particular looked really outstanding here, so I landed myself a tori kaarage & stewed beef in BAB's Special sauce set ($11.90).

"Special" is a word like "authentic". Overused. And probably for no good reason at that. So it's regular fried chicken with some cold hard stewed beef in a sauce that tasted bland. Food felt barely warm. There's nothing Japanese about this set. With the exception of the chilli powder condiment at the table. Maybe that was a Japanese brand.

An unexpected glimmer of hope in the food here was actually an item on their menu call Spicy Crayfish Ramen. The taste of it was actually not too bad. Despite the sauce being a little thin side, it's really was quite tasty. Now if they could get better crayfish and learn to nicer noodles, this could just be a local hit. Do not quote me on this.

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