Monday, March 26, 2007

Highlander Bar, Clark Quay

Decided to check out this place after seeing it mentioned in a blog. Highlander Bar ( #01-11, The Foundry) is located near the central junction of Clark Quay just beside Pump Room. This would be the first and probably for a long time, the only Scottish themed place. There isn't any others around that I know of. The "al fresco" seats of this bar/restaurant made use of rather eye catching cross section tree trunk table tops which while was interesting to examine, didn't really function that effectively as a table.

Highlander serves Scottish ales/larger from the tab and a small selection of other bottled beers. The bulk of the drinks menu contained a variety of whiskeys which can be had and prices looked pretty expensive. A bottle of Baileys here costs $210. We opted for an all entree dinner which featured some outlandish/highlandish sounding items.

haggis -
This stuff was surprisingly quite addictive. Haggis is suppose to be a traditional Scottish dish that is made up of minced innards of sheep mixed with onion, oatmeal, spices, salt and stock. So the result is a pudding that has a texture akin to minced meat and tastes a lot like pate and oats. It ame with a cream based sauce and scoops of mashed carrots (although it says turnips on the menu) and potatoes. This was probably the most interesting item in the starters section of the menu and if not anything else, this would be worth a try. The ingredients were probably not too far off from what sausages are made of anyways.

grampian stovies - which was essentially pan fried herbed beef with potato and onion cake. The taste was quite bland with mashed potatoes (real mashed potatos) being the most recognisable ingredient along with small bits of beef. And that was pretty much all there was about the grampian stovies. It's really fairly unremarkable.

scotch eggs
- I've never tried scotch egg before. For $10 you get 2 hard boiled eggs encased in minced beef, breaded and deep fried. Chris thinks that this would make an excellent all in one option for breakfast. The carbs, meat and egg, all in one package. I don't disagree and as a hot snack was great with beer.

tattie scones - the menu describe these as potato patties. They actually tasted like tapioca cakes can be found at pasar malams. Albeit one that is not sweet. Another unremarkable dish which is saved solely by the cheese dip on the side.

smoked kipper toasties - this was another excellent bar snack and came as you would imagine it. Fragrant and crispy cheese toasted with flavor of some fish. I couldn't actually get the texture of fish meat in there, but the flavors were definitely in. Salty and goes well with drinks.


Junie said...

so overall, did u like the place?

LiquidShaDow said...

It's not bad to hang out there for some drinks and snacks. Just don't expect too much out of the food.