Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lunch @ Paulaners

Paulaners Bräuhaus at Millenia Walk, does lunch at $18++ that comes with a appetizer, a main course and a drink. At an optional top up of another $8, you get 2 mugs of 0.3l of their beer instead of the regular soft drink, choice between the dark and light which made it really a good deal since it costed about $11 normally. Being located so close to where I work, I'll be definitely tempted to drop by again. This lunch from the restaurant (on the 2nd floor) is different from the other speedy lunch that is offered down at the bar. Being me, I picked the top up option of with the beer.

Avoiding the boring salads, I picked the Bavarian Cheese Soup with sliced Bratwurst and fresh Majoram.

It was altogether nothing special and quite different from what I expected out of something that was called cheese soup. It was more like onion soup with melted shreds of cheese. Would've done better with more of the cheese since it was suppose to be a cheese soup? Skimping on the bratwurst was just pathetic as well. And having bread would have made it a lot better. Are you guys from Paulaners reading this?

That's the grilled Gammon ham steak with onion sauce and cheese spätzle. Spätzles which I've had for the first time during my previous visit here, are pasta that look like some misshapen lumps. Cheese spätzles here of course simply implies that there is melted cheese over them. Kinda like mac and cheese. Sadly, none of the cheese was browned in the melting. This is one of the rare encounters that I have with ham steak so I just had to order it. The last time I did was at Colbar last year. It was definitely better here, less salty. It didn't too bad but the onion sauce was really bland and I'm pretty sure it ain't German portions they're serving for the food.


Laplace said...

How do you rate the beers?

I'm thinking of heading there for some grilled prok knuckles this friday.

LiquidShaDow said...

I think it's pretty good. They're quite smooth and has a tad more buzz than the regular light labels like Bud and Hoe. The bar on the first floor is a nice drinking spot with very decent live performances and occasional semi-boisterous crowd. But if you want the quiet, stick to the restaurant in the second floor.

The pork knuckles are not large in portion in the 2 occasions I had them, but I've had friends that told me that they've gotten much bigger pieces, so I'm thinking that there is an inconsistency in size with regards to that. Otherwise, it's not bad. I can't compare it with real German ones since I haven't been to Germany myself.