Wednesday, March 14, 2007

YY Ka Fei Dian, Beach Road

I think this place is called YY Ka Fei Dian. At least that's what it says on the signboard. It's another one of the Hainanese chicken rice coffeeshops ($3.50 a plate here) located at the junction where Purvis Street meets Beach Road which makes it a minute's walk away from Yet Con and Chin Chin Eating House. There is this one thing that sets them apart from other chicken rice stalls in the vicinity. I was also told that they sell really good donuts and I've seen people buy them by the bagloads. Strange pairings indeed.

The crowd does build up and one has to come by early to avoid waiting for tables. I've lunched here on a few occasions and even though this coffee shop serves cze char, I've never gotten interested enough to try them. The chicken rice here was pretty good. The chilli and the dark soy sauce helped with the rice, but that's not to say that the rice itself isn't good in the first place. The condiments weren't too bad at all.

The colour of the rice here was a little more yellowish than the usual. It was a more heavy than fluffy rendition of chicken rice. At $3.50 a plate, it was also a little costlier than the usual ranges between $2.50 to $3.00 in the most coffee shops. Then again, one gets non flattened chicken meat and the portions were anything but stingy.

Unfortunately the pork chop was really mediocre and is something I would recommend to avoid. Unless you have a thing for overly greasy over fried breaded pork. The small portion costing $6 seemed a little expensive too. No? I was thinking that since this was a Hainanese coffeeshop, the pork chops might have been something that were good at. That was just not true here. If you're looking for Hainanese chicken rice and pork chop together in the same place nearby, stick to Chin Chin. Nicer pork chops there.

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