Monday, April 23, 2007

Baladi, 709 North Bridge Road

Baladi at North Bridge Road (across the road from the mosque at Arab Street) purports to be a place that serves authentic Lebanese food. This was the first time I am having Lebanese and it seemed that parallels can be drawn with what they eat with the Persians. In fact, I'm not really sure what is the difference between the cuisine of the two cultures. It's grilled meats, flat bread, hummus, rice, more vegetable dips and arrays of spiced teas.

artichoke hearts
hummus & moutabbalstuffed grape leaves

I think we didn't start off too well with the appetizers. The hummus doesn't quite taste like what I'm used to. The moutabbal was delicious, but still didn't taste like any eggplant dip I've had. And the artichokes was acidic that I felt needle prick sensations on my tongue. The stuffed grape leaves had rice that didn't taste too well cooked and the leaves themselves were too fibrous.

Seriously, I didn't enjoy them very much.

beef sharwarma

beef kafta kebab
Grilled meats on the other hand fared a lot better. The amusing thing about the presentation here was that it tried to look sophisticated with the powdered paprika stenciling and the smudge of herbed yoghurt on the side. Both dishes are served on rectangular "crockery" which aren't actually plates but are actually tiles. The beef sharwarma came with semi charred chunks of well cooked pieces of spiced beef on some tasty brown rice. I don't know what went into the rice, but it was good.

I really doubt I'll be back to re-visit anytime soon. Probably will not return at all. There're a couple of other interesting places around the corner in the locale near Baghdad St that I noted so if I'm back in the vicinity, they'll be the ones I'll be checking out. Meanwhile, I'll take Banoo anytime!

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