Monday, April 30, 2007

A few glimpses of Glutton Bay

Glutton Bay (Esplanade Mall) emerged after Glutton Square (Orchard Road) was closed and the premise is suppose to be representation of Asian food, or rather, popular local street food at it's better. Seriously, after a tryout, I'm far from being impressed. To be fair, I did not manage to eat all there is to be offered. But I think I can positively claim that I know of more than a small handful of people who are able to recommend a better player for most of the stall. And I wouldn't be too sure about Makansutra's claims about the term "top hawkers" which is probably a very loose and superficial reference. It's probably just a gathering spot for tourists to sample local fares though. Since it's tourist prices here anyway. A note to remember if you do try, avoid the horrible sambal squid.

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