Sunday, April 29, 2007

Muddy pub grub

Irish themed ale tavern that has chunky chilli crab dip for chips. That's something to say about Muddy Murphy (442 Orchard Road #B1-01/01-06, Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade). Well, maybe not in here. I generally like these Irish themed pubs and it has to do with the cider Strongbow. I suppose that now, I can find a couple of other reasons come back. Their bar snacks which while was not truly amazing were things that I didn't mind and could see myself returning for again. Chilli crab dip and green lip mussels.

The chilli crab dip taste like what one can expect from regular chilli crab. Well, it probably isn't as spicy, but it's the local tasting chilli crab sauce and not just an attempt do a western rendition of chilli. The mussels are fresh, large and chewy. And chewy in a good way full of bite. Something that the sweeter smaller varieties from Norway that Brussels Sprouts serve, doesn't have.

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