Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Out of the Pan, Raffles City

black pepper beef with sundried tomato crepe

Out of the Pan has be around for years as far as I can remember and this is actually the first time I'm eating here. What it does is mostly crepe which comes in either plain, whole wheat or sun dried tomato flour. Apart from that, there is a small selection of salads and crepe and waffles. Despite the small selection of stuffings, the place is almost constantly crowded during meal hours and that made me wonder why. I'm not saying that the food is bad. The crepe was actually decent, but I guess the popularity led me to believe that it was better.

The Seafood Jungle option comes with real seafood. A generous amount of prawns, scallops and real shredded crab meat. I'm quite glad that this place doesn't use crab sticks in their seafood whatever. It comes with an unidentified sauce which was pretty okay if unspectacular. The black pepper option lacks kick in the peppers (it's just the regular sweetish black pepper sauce). Overall the place wasn't too bad, but I'm not exactly inclined to re-visit.

the seafood jungle

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