Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lunch @ 85 Fengshan Centre

This place (Blk 85 Bedok North St 4) is suppose to be quite popular I hear from some colleagues. This is one of the old styled hawker centre cum wet market places that one doesn't see much of anymore. Think Tiong Bahru Market. Strangely, half the stalls in this hawker center seems to be closed in the middle of the day and the lunch crowd is almost threadbare. I was pointed out to a Hainanese styled curry rice which reminded me of the ones that had in Tiong Bahru Market and Maxwell Food Centre a very long time ago.

For 2 meats and 2 vegetables, one gets a plate with rice at a very affordable $2.50. It looks to be a rather good lunch deal. You may have surmised that the portions aren't exactly very big, but I personally thought it was a fair portion. I only wished that they were more generous with the crispy breaded pork chops.

Located in his hawker centre was also a stall call Western Food 85 that does fried pork knuckles. I'm not going to even compare to the German restaurants. Suffice it is to say that for $12.50, you get pretty much what you pay for. There's not much in the way of presentation, so it's really just pork knuckles that you're getting. The meat isn't too bad, but you probably have to wary of the excessive fats under the skin. Looks like something that's good to go with beer.


Anonymous said...

you done a review of Pump Room before?

LiquidShaDow said...

Nope, I haven't. Almost ate there once, kitchen was closed.

Anonymous said...

Bedok 85 nust go at night, most of the good stalls dont open early, try after 6-7pm.