Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Some pizzas from Mondo Mio

Mondo Mio (Riverside View #01-02A, 30 Robertson Quay, S238251, tel:67362503), an Italian place just out of the courtyard at Robertson Quay across the street from Harry's which does a very regular array of the usual Italian stuff actually provides delivery of their pizzas down to Wine Connection. One can actually request for a menu from the latter location as a drinking customer with a phone number to reach the former restaurant to make orders. Speaking of which, the pizzas are decent if not extraordinary. The parma ham and rocket variety is reasonably tasty and their Mondo Mio flavor which features prosciutto, mushroom and a very nicely done egg with a still runny yolk is pretty awesome though. The awesome part comes mostly from the runny egg. Still, the restaurant looks fairly respectable and I may just drop by some time for the pastas.I spy gnocchi on their menu and their prices are pretty affordable as Italian places go.

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