Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nam Kee Chicken Rice, Upper Thomson Road

I'm pretty disappointed with the chicken rice at this place (201 Upper Thomson Road, S574343, tel:6253 4502). Having passed by this area on various occasions, I've noted the crowd to be more than healthy and had assumed that the chicken rice in this place ought to be pretty tasty. Instead, what was delivered through the form of the half steamed chicken ($12) was reasonably tender breast meat and soggy everything else. There wasn't much in the flavor of the meat itself which was quite drowned in the soy/sesame sauce and there was quite a bit of fat scrapping which I had to do to eat this thing. With a soft and limp looking skin and what I thought to be excessive fat, the plate didn't look quite impressive in serving when it was reduced to just meat. Rice was just passable which didn't really make me want to go beyond the first plate and the chilli sauce while decent, tasted too much of ginger for me to really enjoy them. I've definitely had better, and easily at that. There was salad prawns on the menu which didn't look nor taste too impressive neither. I guess this can be one chicken rice stop that I can cross out for the future.


Weiling said...

try "wee nam kee" at novena. famous for chicken rice and zhi char. its along the shop houses, beside is "chin huat live seafood steamboat".

LiquidShaDow said...

I've actually had Wee Nam Kee a few times before and I thought they weren't too bad. That being said, I haven't eaten there in a while, so I guess a revisit could just be in order.