Friday, February 15, 2008

Pork knuckles from Werner's Oven

Lunch with fatpig. Finally got down to this place (6 Upper East Coast Road #01-01/02/03 S455220, tel:6442 3897) to try the fried pork knuckles which seems to be something that people around have been saying as good. Turns out that there was a bit of a disappointment on my part and it really wasn't really much of a big deal. The crispy crackling was decently fragrant and the size of the knuckle was certainly pretty big, but the meat was filled with a large amount of fats that at the end of it all, felt overwhelming. I much rather prefer the ones down at Brotzeit and Paulaners which were cleaner in taste, a bit more costly and also strangely, had better separation between the fat and the meat in the pork knuckle. I think this has given me a week's worth of cholesterol if not more. I'll be laying off these things for some time and definitely in no hurry to come back here if ever.


Karen said...


I had a boiled pork knuckle just last week at Werners and it looked so different. It was way much bigger than what you had.

Should post mine up to compare.


LiquidShaDow said...

Maybe the pigs have gotten bigger?