Thursday, March 20, 2008

Char shio, shio ba, arh heng peng

Their ubiquity. Their abundance in food centres everywhere and more than a handful of them despite the common availability are actually pretty good. That however, doesn't quite distinguish many vendors from each other. I often think many comparisons are quite senseless by virtue of enormity of options. It should be simply just, good enough to come back for more...or not. But I guess sometimes things aren't so simple.

I came across Tuck Kee Roasted Meat (#08-17, Golden Mile Food Centre, 4679 Beach Road) store by chance of being in the vicinity. This combination of meats is a particular favourite of my brother and myself. So there's the roast duck, char siew and roast pork. Each of them to speak of on taste, would constitute a dissertation. I'll just settle for, it's not bad. I'd come back again. The distinguishing factor for this store comes from their interesting plum flavored gravy which adds an appetizing glaze in comparison to the regular brown ones. The tender char siew did taste a bit sweeter than I'm used to and there wasn't excessive fat under the skin of the roasted duck breast as well.

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COCK-ROACH said...

the one at holland drive also quite good. the main hawker centre and juz look 4 the long queue