Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tokyo Banana

These little soft cakes which are shaped like fat bananas are call Tokyo Bananas have a custard filling which is flavoured like...bananas. The taste of the creamy custard fillings do taste noticeably of the fruit, though not heavily of it. In each of the individual plastic wrapping, there're the mystifying words "People gather to Tokyo from here and there with memories of their home. and then, Tokyo gets the everyone's home town." Lol. I got these from someone who has in turn received them from another person who has gotten them from Japan. Apparently these guys have a website for their product in Japanese.


cinder_cin said...


I am a regular reader of ur food blog, happened to chance upon the entry on Tokyo banana, I am interested to know if u got the Tokyo banana from s'pore? cos my partner love it alot too. thks!

LiquidShaDow said...

Hi cinder_cin,

I got these from someone as a gift, I didn't buy them here. :)

ice said...

Hmm...why do I feel like I've seen these bananas somewhere in Singapore before?

cinder_cin said...

liquidshadow: oh, ic. thanks for your reply btw.

ice: hi! really? I will really appreciate if you managed to recall where you last saw it from? thanks in advance. regards

ice said...

Just saw these bananas retailing in Nippon-ya at Ion Orchard. It's one hell of an expensive banana hahaha.