Saturday, April 12, 2008

With Relish

For those of you who have been asking/wondering about why I haven't been here (501 Bukit Timah Road, #02-01 Cluny Court, tel: 6763 1547) , you can stop asking now. I'm not sure why I took so long to visit, but I'm guessing it could be because this is just basically a burger joint, albeit at a more upmarket location and cost. Honestly, the burgers here are pretty decent if not spectacular. At the cost which they go for, one certainly doesn't expect any less since the portions (170g patties) aren't what I could consider big. Where ├╝berburger failed, it looks like Relish might succeed from the look of things. For one, this place isn't quite as expensive as the late-former location. And another, the parent does seem to enjoy similar success along with plenty of media whoring.

Lightly peppered fried onion rings. Hmmmm....not bad. Could have scored better with a thinner batter. Next!

wild rocket burger

spiced lamb pita burger with mint hommus

ram-lee burger

The beef patties for the burgers look to be of the same mold for all of them. I remember them being much more juicy back in Wild Rocket. There is still a vivid recollection of having to suck onto the ends of each bite simply to prevent the juices from the meat from dripping all over the plate. This wasn't the case here in Relish, but the taste is as good as I remember them. The thick patty that you see in the picture is actually rather a light instead of dense. Each bite introduces you to them as tender rather than overwhelmingly meaty.

The wild rocket burger which looks at first glance to be the most unexciting is actually pretty good. Despite the fact that it's called the wild rocket burger and that it actually has a light bed of arugula at the base, there isn't really any taste coming from the rockets. That's because the fragrant sarawak pepper cream and tarty tomato relish which while wasn't heavy, tends to overwhelm the flavor from the greens. The lamb pita burger likewise was very agreeable for me with the garlicky hummus like sauce over the top of the patties. Lamb burgers aren't the most common of burgers around and this one was rather tasty. However, I feel that the one at Cellar Door was much better though. Strangely, I tasted no mint.

The ram-lee burger as everyone probably is aware is inspired off the original greasy street burgers that often make their appearance in pasar malams. Well, as you can probably imagine, it tastes somewhat like the original version slathered with mayo and sweet chilli sauce. There are a couple of exceptions. There's a thicker beef patty inside that doesn't taste suspiciously like unidentifiable meat matter (rat!) and this one is definitely less greasy. For the discerning, the omelete wrap for the patty tasted lighter as well. I must say that it did turn out much better than what I had in mind.

I was originally wondering what the deconstruction does to a cake. I have to admit that I thought it felt like a gimmick, but after having this cheesecake, i thought that it is certainly much more enjoyable than the regular sliced variety which I probably would have passed on. I guess what I liked about this was that I could taste the different parts. This definitely doesn't spell synergy. The individuals here are definitely tastier than the sum of it.

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