Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bombay Woodlands Restaurant, Tanglin Shopping Centre

This quiet little place (19 Tanglin Road, #B1-12 Tanglin Shopping Centre, tel: 6836 6961) at the basement of Tanglin Shopping Centre turned out to be pretty promising that I think I'll be back again in spite the fairly small selection from the menu and prices being a little bit higher since they're located in town. I've heard of Bombay Woodlands being mentioned and it's also one of those places that I have passed by countless of times, but haven't walked in until today.

I found myself really enjoying the paneer chat which was essentially paneer pakora (cottage cheese fried in chick pea batter) thrown into a mix of chopped onions and tomatoes along with a blanket of sev. The whole is mixed with the yoghurt mint gravy and some chutney and came out very appetising. The pakora retained a small level of chewiness which was definitely much more enjoyable than the one which I've tried once at Mustard.

There was a rava idli which was pretty good as well, especially with the piping hot sambar and coconut chutney. Interestingly, an item from the rice dish named bisi bella bath turns out to be a pretty tasty porridge like dish that tasted like sambar as well. Served hot, this was really suitable for a rainy afternoon. I like the papads here. Thin, crispy and greasy.

Unfortunately, the masala tea wasn't up to my mark in terms of flavour, but, I'd return just for the chow.

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MamaBoK said...

Oh my..!! can't believe they are still there..!! awesome..!