Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hajah Maimunah Restaurant, Jalan Pisang

An old friend of mine which I hadn't met up with for a while gave me a call one morning and pulled me down to the vicinity of Arab Street for an early lunch. I didn't have any idea where we would be going to until we reached the place (11 & 15 Jalan Pisang, S199078, tel : 62917248) and for a momentary couple of seconds, the place rang chimes of familiarity even though I was quite sure I haven't been there. And no, it wasn't from a strange dream that led to this déjà vu. Lol. It was YouTube and I remembered it from an episode of Anthony Bourdain in A Cook's Tour when he was here back in 03 and was eating nasi padang. And I believe that I sat on the table just next to the one that he did back then.

Even though nasi padang had been something that I've eaten since a child in one form or another, I've never really given it much though to its origins until today when I was told that they originated from the people in the city of Padang in Sumatra. But I'm not going to deep into that topic here.

tauhu telur

I haven't eaten tauhu telur that often. So I'm likening this to be one of the best ones I've had since it wasn't over fried into a shriveled lump and the eggs that covered the bean curd weren't excessively chewy. This was better than the ones served in the Riverside Indonesian Restaurant or Sanur as I can recall.

mutton rendang

Their mutton rendang was quite good. Tender chunks of mutton in a nutty spicy gravy. While it might not have been an apple to apple comparison, I felt the rendang mutton here was much more note worthy than a certain beef rendang which many people claimed to be very good. There was more tenderness of the meat and I liked this rendition of the rendang better. Renditions aside, I think this topped the other hands down.

sambal paru

The sambal paru was something that I've become fond of over the years since I was introduced to it. The paru, or beef lungs can be found in Malay food stalls/restaurants are sometimes fried to death resulting in dry chewy pieces of jerky which can be a pain to eat sometimes. This nicer rendition was instead tender and chewy which I very much prefer over the dried and chewy ones.


Begedil - deep fried egg washed potato patties flavoured with pepper. Yummy!

I don't know the name of this dish, but it's not an otah. It's some fish with curried paste cooked in banana leaf and there was a little too much lemongrass in the curry paste than I liked. The fish too came with quite a bit of bones which made them tedious to eat.

The rice wasn't quite as fluffy as I thought from appearances, but that's can be overlooked considering the gravies on the side. Had to exercise some restraint here since there was quite a number of tasty looking dishes to be had. I spied lemak siput sedut (small sea snails in coconut curry) in one of the troughs so that's something I'll be looking forward to the next time.

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MamaBoK said...

I do missed the bergedi.. and those otak otak.