Friday, July 31, 2009

Ootoya, Orchard Central

So as I've learnt, Ootoya is really a new place that's opened up in a new mall in the middle of town (181 Orchard Road, #08-12 Orchard Central, tel : 6884 8901). At a glance, it seems to be just one of many of the numerous Japanese eateries that's sprung up along with the new malls in town. Or rather Japanese themed eateries as some people may rather observe. From what I've discovered, Ootoya specialises in teishoku which I've only recently found out to be the word for those Japanese set meals that come with rice, miso soup, pickles, some small sides and a main dish. Which does generate more than a sliver of appeal on my part since I've had some craving for more Asian food lately.

The greasy Atka mackerel easily made itself as one of the more appealing selections for a first go and the flaky and saltish fish did turn out to be rather enjoyable with the very nicely char aroma from the grilled skin. The only thing which I didn't quite like about it was that the fish was filled with quite a bit of those tiny bones which made it a hassle. I could have come back repeatedly for this if not for that. On another note, the rice comes on free flow with each order of the sets and there are a few toppings that one could choose from apart from the black sesame and salt condiment that's available on the tables. I picked one with hijiki seaweed and it strangely had more than a hint of plum in them.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Steak and eggs from Handlebar

Wow, this was quite a pleasant surprise coming from Handlebar. Not that I was anticipating anything that I wouldn't have liked, but the steak and eggs plate did feature a rather tender and properly done medium rare cow that will make me re-think sirloin as an option. This was certainly one juicy and flavorful piece. Then again, it's not a cut that I look at most of the time so perhaps, I've just been missing out. Coming from the Biker's food section of the menu, this was certainly a no frills and just your steak thing that was definitely appreciated. I noticed that the prices have gone up noticeableably from the last visit and the tenderloin option has gone up by $10!

Monday, July 27, 2009

A return to Bella Pizza

I left this place with the same gripe as I had in my first visit. This place is a scrooge with blue cheese. Even after a specific request for more of them, the pizza cipolla still came out with much less of that Gorgonzola topping than I was hoping for. Maybe most people enjoy just a tiny bit of them, but that fact remains that I've already requested for more and the portions were still very miserable. Definitely disappointing in both quality and attitude in my books. I guess what made me wanted to come back was because this place serves pizza bianca which still isn't all that commonplace at this point. But one of these days, I'll definitely stop wanting to come back here.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

From the Natsumatsuri Fair @ Isetan......

Supermarkets that bring in import produce should definitely consider the carrot to the thousands of people that shuffle across the aisle of products. Because having actual samples tempt people more than having them glance at expensive price tags which psychologically, works in a reversed manner against consumers to the effect of scaring them off. These are definitely not the priciest of fruits that one could find but I've seen them on the shelves countless of times and always wondered. Until today when I tasted some samples and decided that they're worth the dollars stuck to their labels.

These momos were probably one of the most delicious peaches that I've had. Not that I eat peaches that often, but sweet and really juicy are the key words here. The same goes for those Kyoho grapes which was bursting with full bodied grapey goodness which one doesn't experience from regular ones. It was almost like wine without the alcohol.

Since I was there in the late morning, there was also some take away lunch as well from the usual cooked food corner and a rather uninteresting pre-packed negiritoro which was mostly saved by the spring onions.


I've been afflicted by a common malady of recent that has in its own ways, prevented me from updating this blog. That ailment is commonly known by most as laziness.

So there I've said it. I've stumbed upon a state of intertia which was caused by various factors. Work being one of them. Also, the fact that there was quite a bit of hours spending time shuttling in transit between Kadrin Valley and Reikland and Eataine and well.....that's that. I'm not doing those today, which is the reason why I'm here typing this.

I've been out eating still, if anyone is wondering. It's mostly been some of the same old stuff that I've mentioned before and a place call Wan Tou Shek which turned out to be quite good. Have actually been there two or three times in the past month, so I guess I'm quite liking it. Along with the durian trip across the road after that for some rather expensive Mau Shan Wangs. Otherwise, it was mostly a bunch of noodle craving that led me back to Tai Hwa where a fortunate case of running out of mee pok led me to ordering the mee kia version with extra minced meat. And a bowl of meatballs. Firm noodles with the spicy fishy vinegar toss....... good stuff here still.

The noodle binge included more minced pork noodles from Fei Xiong at the basement of Junction 8 and a leap back to QQ Noodle House which has really lousy char siew, but tasty noodles which made me forgive the other things that I didn't quite like. And even more minced meat noodles from the little food centre at Holland Village. And then there was also the potato noodles from Lai Lai. Or the Northern Chinese hand cut noodle thingy with braised beef and tendons from Crystal Jade La Mien place. Plus a return back to the same restaurant, but in another outlet for their rendition of the Dan Dan Mien which paled in comparison with Yoshimaru Ramen Bar and Ichibantei.

Still on the thread of noodles, one of my favourite duck places formerly known as Circular Sumptious Square has rechristened itself into Cookalicious Sumptious Square. I don't know what prompted the change in that name, but the place itself has gotten a little renovations and feels a little less imbued with the spirit of the former setup as an old trusty roast meat stall. Still ,the food is enjoyable the same. Prices haven't changed if my memory serves me.

Like I said, basically re-visits and oodles of noodles.

I'll stop short of talking about a rather disappointing and unsatisfying visit to Aston Prime. So here's one month of catchup for you.