Thursday, September 03, 2009

Xin Wang Taiwan Cafe, Citylink Mall

Only at the second time when I passed by this place (CityLink Mall, Raffles Link, # B1-23, tel : +65-6341 9542) that I did a double take and realised that this was actually a Taiwan themed cafe instead of the usual HK cafe that Xin Wang has numerous branches of. It did give me pause for a little while before I walked over to the menu which made me decide to check out the food they had. I was never one for the HK cafes that seems to be opening everywhere else. These franchised outlets were interesting when they first came about, but after a while, success formulas inevitably get whored with the same template applied repeatedly and en mass that it was really, just mediocre food that was priced way above what it was worth. What made them worse was, I could probably cook more than a handful of what they had on menu myself at home and apart from convenience and an occasional craving for something that they had, there is really little reason why I would walk into one of them. But this was the Taiwan version and being the sucker for stuff like lu rou fan, I bit the bait.

Somehow, we didn't end up with the lu rou fan. It was the mei cai kou rou fan (braised pork belly with mustard greens) that got us instead. While it wasn't too appealing in the department of looks, the taste of it was pretty decent and to my surprise, the sliced pork belly underneath the gooey vegetable stew was actually not bad at all. I meant, it was one of those with fats that would disintegrate in the mouth. The beef bowl with rice was decent, but nothing really special in particular. I'm looking at you, solid egg yolk. Still in search for a good beef bowl that would really, bowl me over.

Moving down the sides, there was a crispy fried pig intestines which was really done with very little seasoning, but left little room for much complains and a very regular deep fried breaded chicken that one could always find in the night market. These were a little better done in comparison to the greasy stuff that normally doesn't appeal to me.

Dessert was also surprisingly quite pleasant as well. It was listed on the menu as a peanut smoothie and I was thinking of a peanut shake of some sort. Turns out that, it was something akin to a frozen version of peanut paste that one could find in Cantonese dessert stores. The bowl of it was covered by peanut butter and then blanketed in finely ground peanuts. I'm pretty sure I'd like to come back for this again in the future.

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ice said...

I'm getting a sore throat just looking at the peanut smoothie. Need to get me a lu rou fan from Peng Lai Ge soon. Love that stuff.