Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ichibantei Hamburg & Steak, Liang Court

This seemed to be a relatively new place opened by Ichibantei right next to themselves down in the basement of Liang Court. Very obviously from their name, one can easily surmise what is the specialty.

True to form, the hamburgs were pretty decent even though they arrived a little more charred than I was expecting. The well done factor came from the proper sealing of the charred exterior, sealing all the juices of the meat within and in spite of being well done, the meat retained juiciness. I should have requested for doneness, but hey, things worked out pretty well in the end. These things come in a few size options and are served with unlimited rice and bread with butter. But honestly, I don't think people really come here to load up with the carbs option since the hamburgs were pretty tasty.

What didn't fare too well for me were the demiglace sauce which I thought was nothing extraordinary and in fact, one of the onion sauce options turned out to be a much better choice since it didn't overwhelm the flavors of the meat. Guess there's one more of these hamburg options for me now apart from Ma Maison.

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