Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ximending, VivoCity

Having a restaurant that serves Taiwanese food called Ximending (1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-51A VivoCity, tel : +65 6376 8018) is akin to having another restaurant elsewhere called Orchard Road because it serves Singaporean food. Heh! It seems that the entrants of Taiwanese cuisine here are making their play upmarket as well.

What I liked about this place was that some of the stuff here was really nicely done food. That being said, most of what is served came in large portions meant for sharing and conceivably couldn't try much from the menu if they ate alone or in a pair. What I didn't like was that these guys charged for every bowl of sweet potato porridge (they tasted pretty good but still...) that was ordered. And I suppose that I didn't quite like everything on menu, which I was hoping that I would since they were charging quite a bit for them.

The fried oysters were honestly pretty mediocre stuff that tasted exactly like something that could be bought off the roving roadside night markets. I would definitely like to come back to this restaurant and eat, but I'm never ordering these again. Waste of money.

We got the cue to order their chai poh (preserved radish) omelette after seeing them from another table. They were actually quite tasty and not too heavy, albeit a little greasy. The nicely browned omelette was quite loaded with the bits of preserved radish and looking as it did like a thick pancake, was actually quite substantial in portions.

This Taiwanese styled fried kang kong wasn't so much an obligatory dish of greens as it was the want to have some crunchy stir fried vegetables. It was just a basic dish of the greens stir fried in a flavorful and not overly intense fermented bean curd sauce and surprisingly, it was one of the more memorable dishes for me here. Definitely something that I would look forward to if I return.

About the braised pork belly with mustard greens you might have been wondering about, it tasted pretty much like the way it looked with tender sections of meat between soft layers of fat which pretty much dissolved in your mouth.

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D said...

the omelet looks like a Spanish tortilla!