Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Breakfasting at Selera Johor

This ad hoc breakfast trip turned out to be more interesting than I had anticipated. I was brought by a friend who recommended me to this little food centre (Selara Johor Food Court, Plaza Larkin, Johor Bahru, 80350) located just beside Plaza Larkin where there was a pretty tasty mee rebus stulang sold at a stall that was supposed to be a landmark of sorts of the locals. For some reasons, the stall had ran out of prawns and we couldn't get to order "the works". Still we ended up with a simple yet different mee rebus which wasn't too bad in my opinion. The gravied noodles had some savory fried fritters sprinkled over the top. There was a nice consistency to the gravy and the taste was clean in a way that flavors weren't muddled.

Just across from that mee rebus stall, there was something called kachang pool which turned out to be what I think of as an Asian version of chili corn carne. The minced meat and bean filled sauce wasn't anywhere near the spiciness of any chili corn carne, but the chopped fresh onion and green chillis with a squeeze of calamansi made the stew/dip pretty irresistible with their thick buttered toast that came along with the order. Bonus points goes to having an egg there was well.


CrystD said...

I want that thick toast in raisin form!!!!!!

Nadya said...

Kacang Fuul is actually middle eastern,not a malay dish. Although there are variations of it and localisation of the flavours.

Cheers. Some nice Fuul dishes are available at Arab St :)