Monday, September 20, 2010

Gyudons from Yoshinoya

Yoshinoya has come up with a few variations to their beef bowl lately by the addition of extra toppings like eggs and tofu. Here's a look at their tamago and rutan beef bowls which basically features a half boiled egg and a hard boiled version respectively. The latter of which was probably briefly cooked in the said sauce since the penetration of the brown coloring was barely beyond the surface of the egg.

I've never been much for this particular Japanese fast food joint that serves what I feel to be really mediocre food, but I've to admit that there are no other places that I know of that does a savory gyudon without the sweet component of the sauce. And a very comforting one at that. Without picking on the quality of meat that was used, one got pretty nice thinly sliced beef with the dripping gravy permeating a bowl of piping hot short grained rice. With the egg now in the formula, I thought it was a smart move for them to get me to start dropping by again. Sometimes.

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