Friday, September 03, 2010

Skinny Pizza, Raffles City

Yet another outlet seems to have opened for Skinny Pizza (252 North Bridge Road, #B1-63/64 Raffles City Shopping Centre). What drove us to visit this time round was the expended menu which looked like it has quite a selection more than what we remember from the last visit.

We got ourselves the 'salami & pesto' pizza this time round. Turned out to be another one which we thought was pretty good with a smattering of different flavors coming from the salty salami, bitter rockets, sweetish roasted capsicum, sour from the bits of chopped olives and pungence from the crumbled goat cheese. I'm surprised that I even managed to list all of these out.

Nibbles on the sides now come in a three item option (costing a little less than three separate orders) which we decided to take advantage of since it was really quite easy to pick out two things. The truffle fries were so obvious that it wasn't really making a choice at all. So there, we selected some pistachio encrusted seared brie and some garlic grilled prawns with cauliflower cous cous. Damn, the cous cous (which was really just finely shredded cauliflower) was good! I wished they had been more generous with the portions though, but I'm not really complaining.

Dessert was a rumbaba which was served with a shot of rum. I'm not sure how these cakes are traditionally, but I thought this rendition was pretty good with the vanilla bean sauce and preserved orange rinds.

And then there was also a red latte which was basically roobois tea with milk. If the color of the drink wasn't apparent to you, this was a really robust brew of the tea there which didn't taste as milky as it might have appeared. There was definitely more tea in this stuff.


lyrrad said...

I quite like skinny pizza and their interior decor.

ah Teo said...

i wish the truffle fries are a little softer. It would have been perfect then.