Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chin Mee Chin Confectionary, East Coast Road

I wouldn't say that the coffee here (204 East Coast Road) was mind blowing in any manner. In fact it was quite ordinary, but the place held a kind of charm created by a time capsule. The kind of charm that includes the cacophonous din of vehicle traffic, clinks off the ceramic cups and saucers, raising voices of various Chinese dialects, thunks of metal flask, cool breezy draft from the age stained ceiling fans and the eggy aroma wafting from the back of freshly whisked kaya.

This was probably the type of local coffee places that were common decades back and are now serving old time regulars and attracting the attention of people like me who didn't remember them so much from the time when I was really young. Just coffee and confectionary and a cool shady place from the heat with home made kaya on toasted buns that are baked just right in the back.

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