Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dim sum @ East Ocean

I'm thinking that the dim sum at East Ocean isn't so much of my thing in comparison to the variety that can be found in Crystal Jade Golden Palace or Imperial Treasure. Both of the latter being much more preferable in terms of taste. That's not to say that the food that they do here is mediocre. Most of the items we had tasted didn't seem so remarkable. The char siew pau could have had a fluffier skin. Their pan fried radish cake with less than crispy skin was definitely not as creamy on the insides as I was hoping for. I've also had much better century egg porridge than the ones here.

On the brighter spectrum of things, their sizable duo shrimp-ed har gao was actually pretty decent and I must admit to liking their rich tasting salted yolk custard bun. Thumbs up for the water chestnut dessert as well. I don't eat those very often, but this was actually pretty good with nice chunks of the said chopped tuber coupled with large flakes of egg in there. There were some amusing animal shaped dim sum items that I didn't get to order. Some of the portions of food here were just too big for two and gut estate is always too limited

prawn ball crusted with sliced almonds

fried minced meat on lotus root slices

century egg porridge

siew mai

char siew pao

chilled pig fallopian tube

har gao

pan fried radish cake

salted yolk custard bun

water chestnut with egg dessert


ice said...

An amendment you may wish to make. Crystal Jade Golden Palace at Paragon is a Teochew restaurant.

East Ocean's dim sum items are generally ok, but this place might not be a good yardstick for Teochew dim sum. You could try Imperial Treasure Teochew at Ngee Ann City & Teochew City at Centrepoint. After which you may just change your opinion.

LiquidShaDow said...

I like the ones from Paragon. Very affordable and refined. Haven't had a chance to try the Imperial Treasure stuff at Ngee Ann City yet though, but will definitely give them a try some time down the road.