Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gaia Korean Restaurant, Suntec City

This place (3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-10/12 Suntec City Mall, tel : +65 6339 3313) wasn't too bad. Firstly, there were actually some real Koreans amongst their service staff and a number of their customers were that as well. Which was a healthy sign. Their Gaia kotsal featured nicely marbled short rib and we had intentionally selected them for their lack of marinade.

The kimchee jigae appeared initially to be a little disappointing as it totally lacked the sour punch I was looking for with the spiciness. It even tasted slightly thin until at some point when it had cooled down a little, the broth got a little more viscous and the flavors suddenly became pretty robust. Definitely something I could come back for. Not so impressive, was the dogani tang which was described as ox bone soup which turned out containing beef tendons instead. The milky hued broth was actually pretty bland (and not very beefy) tasting without the additional serving of salt and pepper. I should just stick to spicy Korean food.

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