Friday, October 15, 2010

Samy's Curry Restaurant, Dempsey Road

It seemed that we had inadvertently picked some of the popular dishes down at Samy's Curry (25A Dempsey Road, Tanglin Village (Dempsey Hill Green), tel : +65 6472 2080) which I was informed, was a sort of institution for South Indian food that's been around for like 5 decades. This, was however my first visit. A cautionary reminder for myself here. It may be that there is not air conditioning within Samy's and that sitting al fresco might seem to be a good idea since it definitely looks more airy. It also meant being lanced mercilessly by mosquitoes while we ate.

So what was it that I liked here? On the sides with the steamed rice, their creamy dhal was unexpectedly delicious and curried potatoes was more fragrant than I had expected. Both were enjoyably well done along with that very tasty fish cutlet which was a meaty mix of minced fish and potatoes if I'm not wrong, fried up in a patty like a begedil. The rich tasting masala chicken did pack quite a bit of heat, but along with the tandoori chicken was rather ordinary. The signature fish head curry was noticeably thicker and spicier than what they served down at Muthu's. I suppose it wasn't too bad if I had to give a take on it.

I wouldn't mind returning to try something else off their cafeteria like troughs and certainly, I liked the wash down of their creamy masala tea which they seemed in a hurry of serving despite repeated reminders of having them after the meal.

fish head curry

tandoori chicken

masala chicken

fish cutlet
masala tea


ice said...

The dhal is indeed awesome. Try the mutton next time, it's my dad's default order here.

D said...

The small fried mutton cubes right? That's kickass

LiquidShaDow said...

Ok, will look out for those the next time I'm there.