Sunday, April 03, 2011

Dry curry chahan and mapo tofu from Ohsho

I finally got to break out of the charshu chahan circle and picked out one of the interesting sounding ones from their list of fried rice menu at Ohsho. What I found interesting was that apart from the usual fat grainy and moist texture, the combination of curry powder and onions made reminded me a little of murtabak. A little Indian and Japanese and at the same time, yet still quite Chinese if you catch my drift. I'm sure they're not related in many ways, but it was first impressions for me on this and for comfort food, I had no complains.

Speaking of comfort food, their rendition of mapo tofu wasn't too bad. I liked them better after the gravy had lost some of the starchy consistency. Just tofu, minced meat and a mild spiciness which probably would have worked better with white rice than fried rice.

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