Saturday, May 21, 2011

A bánh mì from Baguette

If you're wondering if why this bánh mì looked a little unusual and haven't quite figured it out, it is because there is no coriander. That aside, this sandwich from Baguette (10 Sinaran Drive, Novena Square 2, tel : +65 6397 2078) was pretty good. I liked how the pickles, ham and pate lent additional texture to the slightly crispy loaf that was nicely warmed up just as they were making the sandwich. The unsubtle flavors were a nice riot of sour from the pickled vegetables, a bit of spiciness from the red chilli slices and a healthy dose of saltiness from both the meat based fillings and the fish sauce. If only they had cost less, it would definitely have given Subway a run for the money. These things don't really fill up as much as I would have liked. Still, I'm probably coming back again someday for more.

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