Sunday, May 22, 2011

Indian rojak with paru goreng

Hey, this stall down at Tekka Food Centre (Haji Johan Indian Muslim Food Temasek Indian Rojak , 665 Buffalo Road, #01-254) was pretty good there. Even though the activities in the back felt a little haphazard, the proprietor was whipping up an endless chopper frenzy dicing customer picked orders from the variety of selectable items for the quick deep fry before serving. And what I liked most about this place was the availability of paru goreng (fried cow lungs) which was lightly crispy on the outside and soft on the insides.

We had a pick of tempeh, hard boiled eggs, cuttle fish, fish cakes, fried cow lungs and even ngoh hiong that paired up with the sliced raw onions and green chillis with the sweet nutty dipping sauce. The stall and their operations definitely looked a old school compared to the templated Indian food stalls down in food courts these days and judging from the quick turn overs, the food is probably fresher.

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