Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sole Pomodoro, MacKenzie Road

Slow leisurely lunches laden with bread, alcohol and friends is generally a good thing. To that I can personally attest. It is quite unfortunate that this good thing is a luxury I can seldom afford.

This was one of those good thing lunches over some beer, a couple of glasses of wine and pizza over at Sole Pomodoro (19/21 Mackenzie Road, #01-01, tel : +65 6884 3671).

Starting bites included some light and refreshing buffalo mozzarella and boiled salami with a lime mayo that seemed to have misplaced the citrus element of the lime. The cheese was light and milky, served Caprese style. The boiled meat of the salami appeared crumbly in texture, but otherwise lacked much of flavors.



calzone tradizionale

The pizzas were pretty much as they had looked. Thin crispy crusted pies that became a little soggy after a while, soaked from the grease and folding from the weight of the toppings. The speciale could have done much better in my opinion with more of those miserable bits of prawn and of course, Gorgonzola. The siciliana was in spite of appearances, very nicely spread with the salty anchovies. Don't think the traditional calzone should come with shitake mushrooms as their very identifiable flavors ruins the taste for me.

I didn't think that there would be anything that would make me come back specially again, but with that being said, I'm not saying that they sucked. It was altogether quite passable if unexceptional. And a little pricey for the location.

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