Sunday, July 03, 2011

Leng Kee fish soup and Seng Kee carrot cake

Here's an unbeatable carrot cake (#02-182) and sliced fish soup (#02-192) combo down at Bt Timah Food Centre (116 Upper Bukit Timah Road). The former being my carbs option for lunch.

What I like about Seng Kee is the lightly crispy yet chewy skin of browned eggy crust that binds the chunky slabs of radish cake. The insides are soft and doesn't have excessive grease. All in all, something that I found to be more hearty than the usual carrot cake offering.

What draws many to Leng Kee Fish Soup, is their generous slices of fresh tasting batang and a tasty soup base that puts the ubiquitous and soulless clones in countless food courts to shame. The cost of each bowl is comparable to what can be normally found in food courts. However, with that same amount that one is paying, I get a top up option of fish roe and the portions of sliced fish are more than doubled.


ice said...

Actually the better of the 2 carrot stalls at Bukit Timah Food Centre is the original He Zhong carrot cake. The carrot cake is fried with lots of chai poh and portion at only $2 is unbelievably big! It's good & and I'll always order that whenever I'm there. And the best fish soup I've ever tasted (no kiddin') is Quan Xiang fish soup from the same food centre. Excellent coz it's extremely flavorful without msg. Try these 2 stalls the next time you're at the food centre.

Other good food there are the orh luak (from the stall selling chicken wings, it's really awesome), Zhong Zhong five spice (ngoh hiang) and the best of all, Sin Chew satay beehoon. They are all family favorites.

LiquidShaDow said...

Tried He Zhong. It tastes healthier. More chai por and eggier. The bits of kuey were quite fragrant as well. But I wouldn't say that they're better than Seng Kee. The taste is different. I like the lightly crispy and chewy skin that they do at Seng Kee.