Sunday, September 04, 2011

A breakfast of duck kuey teow at Otoko market

Yes, this was a real breakfast of braised duck rice noodles that we got in the morning. Not the type that we normally grab during lunch because we didn't wake up early enough for a real one. For 50 baht, it was a relatively cheap. The portions were rather small as well. But, it was also quite good. It came with cubes of duck blood too. This was one of those things we saw people eating around at the market and it didn't take us too long to decide to get us a bowl.

Their kuey teow was a little chewy that I had initially mistaken them for a thinner version of mee pok. The broth was a mix of sweet and savory with a umami depth. If that makes sense. All in all, a comforting breakfast that we didn't expect to find. This market will be location marked for returns.

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