Saturday, September 03, 2011

Greyhound Cafe, Siam Centre, Bangkok

the hangover view

Greyhound Cafe (Siam Centre, ground floor, +66 2 6581129 30) is pretty much like PS Cafe. Reasonably convenient from where we were staying after a late night and casual enough to grab the first meal of the day with much hassle. Which was really lunch.

We hit up a bunch of finger food for starters which included plates of nicely browned and deep fried half mid wings which were very good by the way, and some corn and crab fritters which was also very nicely done. All the latter just needed a little salt that would have gotten along very very nicely with the sweetness from the corn and crab meat.

The main reason for us to hit this place was to have their recommended Complicated Kuey Teow. What might that be? I actually hadn't a clue until it was served and I had always imagined it to be some stir fried or soup kuey teow with a fancy name. It turned out to be a board of lettuces with a stack of kuey teow, some green chilli condiment with coriander and a thick minced pork gravy on the side.

If I needed still to really go on, one places a thin slice of the kuey teow on the lettuce, adds the sauce and minced meat which will be folded into a vegetable wrap and eats it. That's really how complicated it all is. And it was really quite good with the play of textures and spicy flavors.

Came back the next day for more of the same stuff up there.

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