Thursday, September 01, 2011

Scala Shark's Fin Restaurant, Siam Square, Bangkok

This retro looking Chinese restaurant (218-218/1 Siam Square 1, opp. Scala Theatre, Bangkok, tel : +66 02-252-0322, 02-251-8899, 02-251 4799) has been around a little longer than I have and on the authority of someone who had been a customer for about three decades and is clinically allergic to MSG, the food here was good and recommended for its quality.

It seemed that the wait staff in this place were in a similar position as the ones from Shaslik. Most of them had been part of the crew from the early days of the restaurant and that they had been around forever. Apparently there are a few other similarly named restaurants that use the name of Scala and this one is the original. They even indicated that they do not have any other branches on their business card.

The restaurant was an altogether not unfamiliar facade where the main stay dishes consisted of abalone, shark's fin, crabs and prawns. Traditional fruits of the sea for the wealthy Chinese. I was told that the food here hasn't changed much since the beginning.

Not to fill the shoes of Captain Obvious here but, the specialty of the restaurant is shark's fin soup. These things come in a claypot and comes in portions from 800 - 5000 baht. The price of course, commensurates the amount of fin that one gets in the serving. The quality of the fin I hear, is all the same. Only the good ones are served. The accompanying brown soup, was wicked with a healthy dose of powdered white pepper and sloshes of vinegar.

I couldn't really comment much on the fins since I'm not really in much know of them in spite of having had them for numerous times in my life. I actually do not even consider ordering them under usual circumstances.

The restaurant also serves stir fried fish maw which was awesome. The texture of the maw was expectedly sponge like and lightly chewy, flavored by a certain savory seasoning which I couldn't identify. It might have been a soy sauce based mixture and it was to say the least, mouthwatering. I'm probably going to remember this place for the fish maw rather than the shark's fin.

We ordered a pot of collagen rich braised goose web. In retrospect, there was a little much to much soup going on in this lunch. After the shark's fin, none of us in particular were really interested in having more fluids.

Our obligatory greens for the lunch today was boiled kale with oyster sauce. The stems of these greens retained quite a bit of crunch and sweetness, almost akin to water chestnuts. I must say that they were pretty good.

The option of carbs came in the form of crab fried rice. This was nicely done with the rice well tossed in the wok with eggs and came with very generous portions of chunky crab meat. It was also light enough that I had seconds.

I'm marking this place for returns the next time I visit Bangkok.

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ratatouille said...

nice! i had Scala at Bangkok Chinatown 2 weeks ago.