Sunday, May 27, 2012

Casa Latina, Waterloo Street

I've had this recent bout of craving for Mexican food after a recent disappointing experience. Hence, Casa Latina (42 Waterloo Street, tel : +65 6884 6929).

We were pretty intrigued by their Casa Latina melted cheese starter which was basically mozzarella cheese in a hot stone bowl with a lightly spicy green sauce (yes, it was laced with coriander/cilantro). The cheese was melted, hot and gooey and one could just basically scoop them into tortillas that came along on the side and carefully slide them into the mouth. The bonus came from the burnt cheese that were at the bottom of the bowl.

The Jarocha seafood soup turned out to be another pretty random well made choice. To be honest, it was kinda hard to discern the flavors of the soup. If I had to, it was savory, umami and spicy altogether in a robust broth. And in spite of appearances, it didn't taste of any tomatoes as I had initially suspected might and the heat does pack a bit of punch. Very good stuff. Will order them again if I come back.

It was a pity that the starters filled us up much more than we had anticipated. It could have directly influenced how I felt about the enmolada poblana which was my first time having mole. The flavors were a mixture of mild sweetness, spice and a hint of pepper in there somewhere amidst a pronounced chocolate body. The shredded chicken that came in the fried tortillas were really just shredded chicken. This dish was really about the mole. And the taste did become monotonous after a while. What it did remind me a little of, was the sweet sauce from chee cheong fun.

And there, more green cilantro flavored sauce ladled over their crab enchilada. This thing was really loaded with shredded crab meat. I couldn't say that it was close to the best crab I've had, but a lot could be mentioned about the generosity of the portions of said meat. Honestly. Very tasty refried beans on the side as well.

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