Friday, June 22, 2012

SSC chicken rice from The Palms

Having had this (yes, the menu does call it SSC Chicken Rice) over a few times, I have to admit that this (45 Tanjong Rhu Road, inside Singapore Swimming Club, tel : +65 6342 3679) was one of those chicken rice that I thought wasn't too bad at all. To the point that this would be one of those servings that I would recall if I had to list the memorable ones that I didn't mind going back for. Of course, having had Sin Kee (probably about 10 visits over the past year) has really raised the bar for the benchmark that every other chicken rice has been used as a comparison, but has never quite met up against.

What I liked here were the tender cuts of the deboned thigh and their limey chilli (still not on par with the one from Tian Tian). The rice belonged to the camp where the flavors were more subtle and the grease wasn't as heavy. That part was also probably one of the elements that isn't quite consistent as I remember the grainy textures being fluffier sometimes and dryer another. Still, a very viable alternative to tide over cravings.

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