Monday, July 02, 2012

Bukang Tuna, Red Dot Traffic Building

I sure hadn't anticipated the spread that came along with the order of the tuna sashimi set from Bukang Tuna (28 Maxwell Road, #01-06 Red Dot Traffic Building, tel : +65 6327 4123). In fact, I had imagined that it could have been something along the lines of a Japanese teishoku styled meal serving. 

Certainly not one that filled the table literally right to the edges with servings of miscellaneous food that wasn't quite banchan. The servings included octopus, a thin but tasty kimchee pancake, a deceptively clear as water yet spicy clam broth, freshly grilled saba, spicy flounder soup, fish porridge, a fish roe bibimbap, some top shell slathered with some red spicy paste, a little basket of greens and an interesting steamed/burnt egg dish that was bubbling for a long time in a hot pot. 

Not forgetting the highlight of the meal which were slices of chilled shiro maguro, regular maguro that tasted really different from ones that I'm used to having and strangely, mekajiki. What was different about having the sashimi here was also a very fragrant dish of sesame oil which worked pretty well with the raw slices of fish apart from the usual shoyu and wasabi combination.

Altogether, the restaurant operated very much like any other Korean place except that it had a sashimi counter and that most of the items available on menu were seafood or fish.


DBrane said...

Wats the damage for the sashimi set?

ice said...

Shiro maguro gives you the runs.

LiquidShaDow said...

Hi DBrane,
It's $60/pax.

MissyGlutton said...

One of my favorite korean store :D