Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dim sum at My Little Spanish Place

This is my first time attempting to update the blog with an iPhone and there's been some hiccups. The Blogger app on iPhone sucks really big time. It really needs to be updated. Nonetheless, it's given me some lessons about mobile blogging and this is My Little Spanish Place (619 Bukit Timah Road, tel : +65 6463 2810).

We trudged off the Spanish dim sum with something safe and traditional; tortillas. This was something that would easily recognized by taste and texture to be comfort food by pretty much anyone. Essentially, chopped potatoes and onions in egg. The texture of the omelete felt a little bready. 

House platter. Featuring some mild and nutty lomo, some umami salchichon, chorizo aromatic with paprika and jamon Joselito. The last item being a grand reserve grade of the Iberico as I understand; made from pedigree Iberian pigs with a extended  duration of curing. Full bodied, nutty, savory and naturally sweet at the same time. I certainly had never been able to reconcile with those people whom had always described these things as melt in your mouth, because most of the ham doesn't melt in your mouth. It's the prolonging of sustained flavors from the continual mastication that makes this really an awesome jamon.

Also, Manchego cheese very nice.

To further elevate our blood pressure, there were some savory and spicy chorizo fritos which we had with additional orders of bread. Altogether, it was akin to a salty and paprika laced lup cheong with more aromas.

Unfortunately, it seemed that their calamare fritos in its ink was really more aesthetics than substance. Couldn't taste any of that seafoody flavors of the ink on the batter and it was in the end, a pretty boring fried calamari rescued by their alioli.

Dessert was a leche frita, a traditional fried milk dessert from Spain. It tasted like hot custard in batter that actually tasted pretty good with the cinnamon dusted fresh cream. A heart clogging kind of good if you know what I mean.

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