Monday, August 20, 2012

Chicken rice from Siam Paragon's Food Hall

This may look like an ordinary plate of chicken rice and one may question, what the hell am I doing eating chicken rice in Bangkok where we supposedly have the best ones back at home. What's worse, a food court chicken rice at that.

I was initially attracted to the stall because I saw cakes of chicken blood. If you would take a closer look, there's some of that hidden with the pieces of liver on the side. The stall had options to have half the chicken meat deep fried and the other other half in regular plain boiled chicken.

If you're wondering what's the verdict, this was actually pretty damn good! Apart from the fact that the boiled chook came nude (no drizzled sauces, nada!), the fried version was crispy and savory, the chicken blood added incentive for me and the rice, was on par or even a little bit better than the ones from Pow Sing. Flavorful grainy bits of rice with sufficient and not excessive grease. Good enough to eat on their own. Not that the sweet or gingery sauce options were to my preferences in the arena of chicken rice anyways.

Still I'm pretty impressed. Did I mention that the soup was a robust chicken broth as well that tasted absolutely like what one makes at home rather than one gets on the side of a chicken rice order outside?  All these for 65 baht!

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