Sunday, August 19, 2012

Silom Restaurant, Silom Soi 15, Bangkok

Very much like how Colbar is, Silom Restaurant is a Hainanese instutition that hails from the colonial era just after World War II (68 years old now it seems) serving both Asian and Thai Chinese styled Western styled food from another time. With spacious seatings, high ceilings fans and no air conditioning to be found. 

Apparently, that also meant that some food was done in ways which I didn't quite recognize from the renditions today as well. In any case, this was an interesting breakfast trip

It was the first time I've had breakfast with chrysanthemum tea. What the Thai speaking old proprietress also know as kiat huay.

Then came our oxtail soup which looked and tasted a lot like a peppery clear chicken broth with macaroni. I would never have known it was oxtail until getting to the bits of collagen and fat filled chunks of tender meat at the bottom.  I was initially quite apprehensive from the appearance, but it turned out pretty good. I still think it tastes like chicken broth though.

The carbohydrates of choice was sliced bread and butter. This establishment makes an extremely well done old school sweet loaf which I'm sad to say, can either not be found or difficult to locate back at home anymore. Include all that light and airy texture that made you think that you were actually breathing in all the bread rather than eating them. The butter was salted and tasty. Not SCS for sure, but I can't tell what it was. Very good with the bread. Or by itself. We had seconds definitely.


Their grilled beef steak was way off from what I had imagined. I couldn't tell where the meat came from and it was rather salty and definitely overcooked. The meat was hard and chewy soaked in a onion infused tomato sauce.

What fared a lot better was the ox tongue that was both tender and beefy in a beefy tomato sauce. Enjoyed the soft grainy tongue, only wished that the portions were larger. Those green beans on the side were surprisingly tasty too. It's really strange that I was actually able to tell the differences between the 2 tomato sauces that were used here today. In the past, it would have been just the same deal to me.

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