Sunday, August 26, 2012

Some eats from the food court at Platinum Mall

Here're some pork with rice eats from the level 6 at Platinum Mall (222 Petchaburi Road, Ratchathevee, Bangkok 10400).

The above is a khao kha moo that came with generous bits of braised in collegen, fats and tender meat from pork trotters (along with bits of bone) in a light and tasty umami sauce. This was simply excellent and the accompanying fish sauce with small sliced green chilli couldn't have been better pairing for an additional kick of flavors, though one must be generally cautious of the heat they pack.

Below is something that was described as red pork and I guess it was just how Thailand attempts char siew. This rendition on rice wasn't so impressive and had meat that tasted nothing like those I've previously tried at Otoko market.

Bird's nest was sold as well, but it wasn't flavored with pandan, so it tasted a little unusual. I'm not sure much of it is real though since it wasn't really expensive. 

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